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Rødekro is a town with a population of 6,072 (1 January 2019)[1], which was the seat of the former Rødekro municipality (Danish, kommune) in Aabenraa municipality in Region of Southern Denmark on the Jutland peninsula in south Denmark. The former Rødekro municipality covered an area of 202 km2, and had a total population of 11,695 (2005). Its last mayor was Tove Larsen, a member of the Social Democrats (Socialdemokraterne) political party.

The municipality was created in 1970 due to a kommunalreform ("Municipality Reform") that combined a number of existing parishes:

On 1 January 2007 Rødekro municipality ceased to exist as the result of Kommunalreformen ("The Municipality Reform" of 2007). It was merged with Bov, Lundtoft, Tinglev, and Aabenraa municipalities to form the new Aabenraa municipality. This created a municipality with an area of 951 km2 and a total population of 60,151 (2005). The new municipality belongs to Region of Southern Denmark ("South Denmark Region").

Notable people[edit]

  • Mike Andersen (born 1977 in Rødekro) a Danish blues and soul songwriter, guitarist, singer and bandleader
  • René Bach (born 1990 in Hjordkaer, Rødekro) a Danish motorcycle speedway rider, member of Denmark U-21 national team
  • Lea Hansen (born 1999 in Rødekro) a Danish handball player who currently plays for Silkeborg-Voel KFUM

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Coordinates: 55°04′N 9°21′E / 55.067°N 9.350°E / 55.067; 9.350