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Ah, good. I wondered how to handle two different books... guess we don't need to worry too much until someone writes articles for them :) -- Wapcaplet

Is there any chance that Mary I of Scotland could be retitled Mary, Queen of Scots? It is a title that this monarch is far better known by.

I don't think so. The current title is I think dictated by some sort of Wiki policy which aims to make names of monarchs consistent. I also don't think it's necessary - we could either (a) just put in a redirect at the Mary, Queen of Scots place, and shift all the stuff about films and books into the main Mary I of Scotland article (where it is already in part duplicated already), or (b) just leave things how they are, on the grounds that it is very quick and easy to find her on a search anyway - if you find the MQoS page you are only one click away from the M1oS article. But I will leave it to you or others to worry about this. And I suppose you could equally well argue that the same process in the other direction would work just as well - merge the historical stuff into the MQoS page and make the M1oS a redirect. I dunno! :)
... and While you are at it, you might want to take a look at Scotland: Mary Queen of Scots which worries me much more - a completely unedited and near-orphaned (one link in) page which has been sitting there since 6th November. This page should certainly not exist, as it is just another version of Mary I of Scotland, but what I'm not clear about is how much of its content should be rescued and merged into the latter. Nevilley 10:14 Jan 21, 2003 (UTC)

I think that she never was queen of France, but only married to the dauphincr (crownprince) of France who died before becoming king