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Musing to myself one night at a friend's house, I recalled the theory of the four forces - that is, the four governing forces of the universe. Then I thought to myself, Why not try to relate them to my life? That is, give them a human analogue. It began as a joke, just a diversion. It's become somewhat of a philosophy ever since, or maybe just a self-fulfilling prophecy.

This is a work in progress. And keep in mind that it is only meant to apply to me.


The weak nuclear force is responsible for several atomic phenomenon. I related to friendship. That is, sometimes an overwhelmingly powerful force, sometimes the cause of decay. Not as strong as the strong force below.


The strong nuclear force binds the parts of atoms to themselves within the nucleus. I relate it to family: the tie that binds. Stronger than the weak force, friendship, at least for me.


Everyone's familiar with the concept of magnetism. Staying with the cliche, I compared it to love, an attraction between two people.


Gravity is the yet-unexplained force of attraction between two objects. Or, on Earth, the tendency of objects to fall to the ground. Inspired by my love of Modest Mouse, I related gravity to a ubiquitous melancholy that haunts my life.