Xälil of Kazan

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Khan of the Tatar Kazan Khanate
Reign1466 – 1467
PredecessorMäxmüd of Kazan
SuccessorIbrahim of Kazan
Spouse Nur-Sultan bint Nogai Timur
FatherMäxmüd of Kazan

Xalil (also Khalil, Halil, Chelealeck; Tatar: Халил, pronounced [xæˈlil]) (d. 1467) was the 3rd khan of the Kazan Khanate circa 1466–1467, but very little is known about him. He was the eldest son of khan Maxmud (Mahmudek, Mäxmüd) and grandson of the first Khan of Kazan, Ulugh Muhammad. He spent his life entirely in Kazan. He ascended to the throne after his father's death. He was succeeded by his brother Ibrahim.


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Xälil continued his father's policy of construction of Kazan cities. Xälil was considered as an explosive and aggressive ruler. He was known for breaking the treaty with Duke-Prince Ivan III and poor relations with the Nogais. He later re-established ties with the Nogais upon marriage with Nur Sultan, daughter of Nogai Timur Mirza.

In Russian chronicles, the name Xälil is not mentioned at all. However, his name is mentioned in the work of the traveler of the 16th century Sigismund von Herberstein "Notes on Muscovite Affairs" (Rerum Moscoviticarum Commentarii). Also, Karl Fuchs in his work of 1817, using the ancient Tatar list of Kazan khans, mentions the name Xälil. Hadi Atlasi [az] in his works, stated:

"There is no doubt that between Mahmud Khan and Ibrahim Khan was Khalil."

The same information can be found in the works of Şihabetdin Märcani.

The young Khan was married to the daughter of Nogai Timur, Nur-Sultan who was from the Nogais. The marriage ended without an heir because Xälil died the following year.


After his death in 1467, Nur-Sultan married Xälil's younger brother and heir Ibrahim. She gave birth to Ibrahim's sons and future Khans: Möxämmädämin (r. 1484–1485, 1487–1495, 1502–1518) and Ghabdellatif (r. 1496-1502). After Ibrahim died in 1479, Nur-Sultan married the Crimean Khan Meñli I Giray, her third husband.

According to one version, Xälil died in prison, where he had ended up due to fresh hostilities between the Kazan Khanate and the Golden Horde.

Xälil was buried in the Khan's Mausoleum in the Kazan Kremlin.

Preceded by khan of Kazan Khanate
1466 – 1467
Succeeded by


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