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An automated Wikipedia link suggester has some possible wiki link suggestions for the Allan_Dwan article:

  • Can link box office: ...of them highly acclaimed, such as the [[1949 in film|1949]] box office smash, ''[[The Sands of Iwo Jima]]''. His last movie was in...
  • Can link silent movies: ...directors that spanned the silent to sound era. Most of the silent movies he directed are lost due to poor preservation. Little histo...
  • Can link Hollywood Boulevard: ...n Dwan has a star on the [[Hollywood Walk of Fame]] at 6263 Hollywood Boulevard in [[Hollywood, California|Hollywood]]....

Notes: The article text has not been changed in any way; Some of these suggestions may be wrong, some may be right.
Feedback: I like it, I hate it, Please don't link toLinkBot 11:23, 1 Dec 2004 (UTC)