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Studio album by
ReleasedFebruary 1977
Recorded1974-November 1976
GenreAvant-garde, electronic
LabelRalph Records
The Residents chronology
The Third Reich 'n' Roll
The Residents Radio Special
Professional ratings
Review scores
AllMusic3/5 stars link
Christgau's Record GuideB[1]

Fingerprince is the fourth studio album (released as the third) by the Residents. The album was recorded between 1974–1976 and released in 1977. It was intended to be a three-sided record titled Tourniquet of Roses. Due to expense, the project was abandoned and cut down to a regular two-sided album. The third side was originally released separately in 1979 as Babyfingers. For the CD release of Fingerprince, all of the songs from Babyfingers, which were originally supposed to be part of the record, were included in their original running order. The 1995 Euro Ralph CD reissue of Fingerprince kept the original track order from the vinyl but included the complete Babyfingers as a bonus 3" CD with the album.


In the December 31, 1977 issue of Sounds magazine, Jon Savage notes that this album is more accessible than the band's first two albums, comparing it to Steely Dan and Frank Zappa "put through 10 years and a considerable warp." He disliked the album more than the other two, but noted that these things take time. He also compares The Residents' integrity and outrage to the first punk "explosion."[2] Andy Gill of New Musical Express compared the second side of the album to Harry Partch.[3]

Track Listing[edit]

All tracks are written by the Residents.

1."You Yesyesyes"3:00
2."Home Age Conversation"2:03
4."March de la Winni"0:58
6."Boo Who?"2:48
7."Tourniquet of Roses"3:15
8."You Yesyesyes Again"2:35
9."Six Things to a Cycle"17:09
Total length:35:09

CD Releases, 1988 and Forward[edit]

All tracks are written by the Residents.

2018 pREServed Edition[edit]

The 2018 pREServed edition restores the track listing to the original vinyl version, adding the Babyfingers tracks as bonus tracks.[4]

All tracks are written by the Residents.

All tracks are written by the Residents.


The Residents - Vocals, Guitar, Horns, Synthesizer, Keyboards, Percussion

Snakefinger - Vocals, Guitar.

Zeibak - Vocals

D. Jackovich - Percussion

T. Logan - Percussion

A. Dekbar - Violin[5]


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